Significant Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is a leading calibration services provider for Fiber Optical and AC/DC instruments. We have more than 9 years experiences of providing calibration services to various industries including telecommunications, manufacturing and research laboratories locally. We are the only service provider in Malaysia who is IS0 17025 certified for Optical parameters.

Our advantage and niche stands on the fact that we have a team of hands-on and experience calibration experts who have many years of experiences in the services. All our Calibrators are required to complete and pass the Calibration Training Program as well as biannual verification tests. The years in calibration services also require us to handle a wide range of customer’s equipments from different manufacturers and makers and thus familiarized ourselves in handling most of the equipments in the market.

On top of that as an ISO 17025 accredited company we put stringent requirements of our own standards or master’s equipments to make sure that it is being calibrated as per the required interval. This is to ensure that our masters are in the best condition to calibrate our customer’s equipments.

Currently, SIGTech has been providing calibration services to more than 180 customers including multinational manufacturers and telecommunication service providers (TM, Fiberail, Maxis, Contractors) who have posted some very stringent requirements. Thus far, we have successfully calibrated more than 1500 instruments.


• OTDR (Portable and Desktop)
• SDH/PDH Tester (STM 1 to STM 16, lOG)
• Light Sources (FP,DFB,LED)
• Tunable Laser Source (TLS)
• Optical Power Meter
• Etc

• Digital Transmission Analyzer
• Synthesized Level Generator
• Synchronization Test Set
• RF Watt Meter
• Etc

• Ammeter (DC)
• AC/DC Clam Meter
• Earth Tester
• Etc



  • One Stop Center for Calibration and Maintenance
  • Easier Budget Planning
  • Significantly Lower Cost
  • Significantly Faster Services (Fastest in the Market)
  • Easier Equipment Utilization Planning
  • Conformance to ISO Requirement
  • Less Administration Burden
  • Dedicated Services
  • Value Added Services: Training, Seminar, Technology Updates