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  • Community Gate
  • Integrated Command Center (ICC)
  • Centralize Monitoring System (CMS)
  • Smart Solar Street Lighting
  • Perimeter CCTV


Smart Survey

Smart Survey is a paperless mobile survey platform with editable question and answers which can be placed in suitable categories in order for any user to undertake survey. It also includes an analysis feature where the administrators are able to analyse the survey without having to manually compile the data. This will reduce the cost for any research which requires survey participation by the public. The lead time to conduct the survey will also be reduce by a big proportion. It will also increase on the sample size which increases the accuracy of the research and survey.

Brief Statement

  • Public
    A single platform (including mobile app) for the public to view a directory of surveys that they may participate
  • Authorities
    – A central directory management system
    – Analytical dashboard to compile the survey
  • Admin
    Overview of the whole system for system maintenance

B2B (Business to Business)

As we are moving towards an IT savvy culture, the device that is common amongst the public is smart phone. Therefore it is important to have a productivity tool that is up to date with the latest trend which may be in the form of mobile applications. B2B is used as a communication platform for business owners to increase their productivity amongst business owners. A place where producers/manufacturers can meet up with wholesellers/retailers, and have business deals cutting the middlemen and the costs. Business owners are able to view a directory of businesses and contact them if necessary via the platform in accordance to the various categories available.

Brief Statement

  • Business Owners
    A single platform (including mobile app) for the public to view a directory of business from various categories which may be of interest to them
  • Authorities
    A central directory management system
  • Admin
    Overview of the whole system for system maintenance
PCS (Public Complaint System)

As we are moving towards an IT savvy culture, the device that is common amongst the public is smart phone. Therefore it is important to have a productivity tool that is up to date with the latest trend which may be in the form of mobile applications. Community Complaint System is used for the community and Joint Management Committee to log, respond, investigate and analyse complaints with the notion of maintaining and improving the quality of service process. Community Complaint System has two main components which are the Mobile application as the front-end interface that interacts with the community and the web-based back-end for the administrators and command centres.

The community will be using the traditional method of complaining through calls as optional which will be replace by the mobile phone application as the main method. The Joint Management Committee will be able to verify and assign reports to designated contractors for further action. It will be used by the community, Joint Management Committee and contractors to ease the actions to be taken on the reports or complaints made. This way, the community will not have any hassle to search for the appropriate bodies contact details in order for them to create a report or complaints. Complaints will be automatically be forwarded to the appropriate contractors with the copy of report recorded in the Joint Management Committee report database.

Brief Statement

  • Public/Community
    A single platform (including mobile app) for the community to make a report to address any of their concern to the authorities
  • Authorities
    A central complaint management system
  • Contractors
    To take action on reports assigned
  • Admin
    Overview of the whole system for system maintenance

WhatsNU (Whats Near You)

Introduction to WHATSNU

  • Low cost of ownership in comparison to computer or pc’s
  • Commonly used
  • User friendly
  • Dedicated to a CommunitySmart Phone based solution


  • Reducing the information gap and enhancing the communication of various entities such as businesses, service providers, and the public community
  • To provide the local businesses with a centralise platform for advertising
  • To provide the local community useful and interesting information


1. Benefits to Business Owners, Services Providers and Event Management

  • Reduce the cost of marketing and advertising
  • Reduce the cost of website development
  • Reduce the cost on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Enhancing the cost effective of marketing
  • Strengthening the relationship with the community, potential clients and users
  • Convenient communication tool to the community


2. Benefits to the Local Community

  • A central directory management platform
  • Convenient to search local business, service providers and events
  • Spend less time in search of current necessities
  • Convenient service platform to book, order and make payment
  • Improving the facilitation of daily activities
  • Enhancing the relationship and harmony between commercial, service providers and the public within the community


3. Benefits to the Local Area

  • Increase the productivity
  • Increase the level of information and capabilities
  • Enhancing the local economy
  • Increase the value of the land in the area




  • ­ Fiber Optic Network Lab
  • ­ Fiber Optic & Photonic Communication Lab
  • ­ RF Communication Lab
  • ­ Wireless & Mobile Communication Lab
  • ­ RFID System Lab
  • ­ Embedded Systems Lab
  • ­ FTTH Test Bed
  • ­ Free Space Optic Communication Test Bed
  • ­ Wireless Sensor Network Test Bed
The laboratories generally include:
  • Tool and Equipment
  • Experiment Manual
  • Equipment Manual
  • Instruction Manual
The benefits:
  • Teaching lab for students
  • R&D facilities for staff
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Option for low cost refurbished items with warranties
  • Facilities supporting skill based certified training programs (intentionally recognized)
  • Industry standard facilities
  • Option for our


Installation, Maintenance and Testing of Electrical and Optical Communications System
Installation, Maintenance and Testing of RF and Satellite Communications System
Installation, Maintenance and Testing of Free Space Optics Communication System
Advanced High Speed Testing: Optical Fiber CD & PMD Testing
Network Performance Testing
  • FTTH
  • Wireless/Mobile Communication
  • PMD/CD Testing
  • OTDR Testing
  • Spectrum Testing
  • Data Layer Testing



Benefit of IDEAS

  • Fast way of learning embedded system application
  • Can build an interactive project in short time
  • Integrated with ICT (hardware and software)
  • Vast applications
  • By focusing on skills, less academically excellent student can get involved early

List of Modules

  • Elevator Control System
  • Water Level Monitoring System
  • Automatic Fan Controller
  • Automatic Plant Watering System
  • Smoke Alarm System
  • Bug Robot
  • Remote Alarm Car
  • Traffic Light
  • Burglar Alarm System
  • RFID Gates Controller System

Performing switching function to the backup cable whenever failure occurs in the main fiber


  • Increases the optical transmission system utilization
  • Multiple support stages before total failure
  • Add-on Device (does not interfere with existing equipment)
  • Optical layer operation
  • Maximize the main line and transceivers usage
  • Reduce maintenance costs


  • Totally passive device
  • Plug and play
  • Supports any bandwidth
  • Supports all formats
  • 15 years life span

The benefits of OFCD

  • Double the usage of fibers instantly
  • A Passive Device – no maintenance
  • Easy installation – Plug And Play Device
  • Fast installation – Time saving
  • A very low cost of installation
  • Money saving for Telcos
  • Monitoring tests – ex: OTDR tests can be done ‘live’, no downtime for customers

Alerting the user when the signal level deteriorates


  • Real time monitoring with automatic remote alarm
  • Adjustable multi-level threshold indicator
  • Provide fiber health history for analysis


  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Quick recovery
  • Reduce network downtime
  • Customized to the system receiver specs
  • RFID Training Kit
  • Fiber Optic Communication Training Kit
  • Opto-electronics Training Kit
  • Tuneable Fiber Laser Development Kit
  • Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Development Kit

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Stephen Hawking


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